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Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) provides clinically significant relief of Anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

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Got Anxiety? Consider SGB.

An appointment with Dr. Lynch is much more than just a procedure.

He takes time to listen and to explain all about the procedure and why it is so helpful to so many. Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is part of the healing process, which involves work you may do in talk therapy or other treatment modalities. Dr. Lynch shares his experience from thousands of patient interactions providing insight into how SGB may help accelerate your improvement. As a world expert in SGB, he is a resource for you, your family, and your other clinicians.

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Why choose Dr. James Lynch?

Dr. Lynch is one of the top physicians in the world providing SGB for PTSD/Anxiety. He has published much of the original research on this topic in the peer reviewed medical literature. He has presented his research and has been invited to share his clinical experiences in national and international forums around the world.

Dr. Lynch is exceptionally skilled at providing ultrasound-guided SGB. His patients have traveled from over 41 US states and 7 different countries to receive his expert care. He has a proven safety record and has received hundreds of heartfelt patient testimonials which validate his compassion for his patients.

Many choose Dr. Lynch to treat their PTSD or Anxiety not just for his skills and expertise, but because he is thoroughly invested in you. He is dedicated to you having a top-notch experience and getting on the path to healing.

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Ultrasound guidance SGB

Ultrasound guidance

The stellate ganglion lies along a nerve called the Cervical Sympathetic Trunk which is located on both sides of the neck just next to your windpipe (trachea).  A stellate ganglion “block” is simply an injection of local anesthetic along this nerve to put it to sleep for a few hours.  A high level of skill is critical when injecting in the neck since there are many important structures adjacent to the stellate ganglion.

Many doctors were trained to use fluoroscopy (live x-ray) to perform SGB; however, Dr. Lynch uses ultrasound.  Ultrasound-guided SGB is safer, more effective, and does not expose patients to ionizing radiation like fluoroscopy does.  Most importantly, though, ultrasound provides incredible visibility of your anatomy, including blood vessels and any anatomic variations, which may go unnoticed with fluoroscopy.

Beginning in 2014, Dr. Lynch published pioneering research which established the innovative use of Stellate Ganglion Block to treat PTSD and Anxiety. This work has been featured on

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